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Movie night Monday

Mr Apple and I are proud owners of Rialto student cards, which entitles us to $10 movies all week. Awesome. I’ve been excited about ‘The Hunger Games’ release since December (when I demolished all 3 books one after the other – great Christmas present mama bear) and Mr Apple has been looking forward to it since February after he read the book, I had been telling him that I thought he would enjoy it and I think he was presently surprised. So last night being our anniversary (cute) we decided to go on a wee date to watch ‘The Hunger Games’. I was pleasantly surprised. I have learnt to go into movie adaptations with low expectations because so often I am disappointed (My Sisters Keeper?!) so it was nice to be proven wrong for one.

I truly think the movie did the book justice, and although there were some parts of the book missing, for the whole it was really good. If you haven’t read the book I strongly admit you read it. Unlike the ‘Twilight’ series you probably won’t be ashamed to say you read it (Twilight is my guilty-not so secret-pleasure) and I enjoyed it because it dealt with some pretty interesting issues. I don’t want to give away too much obviously but I am definitely a fan of Ms Suzanne Collins (though she’s no J.K.Rowling)


Hunger Games

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On another note…

…I am totally guilty of this. Sometimes when I’m reading my Kindle I sniff it and then get sad because it doesn’t smell as nice as a book. Weird I know.




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