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It’s Thursday! I’ve had a long day at the library (which to me is shocking considering I am only in my 3rd week of uni and have no assignments for another 5 weeks) and I have been saving some things to share that have made me giggle.

The truth about reading

The truth about reading

This happens to me after most of the books I read, sometimes I even find myself reading super slowly to put off finishing a book.

Yeah so do I.

And finally a very sad, sad place…

so very sad

On the plus side it’s St Paddys day this Saturday, Mr Apple is going home to Melbourne to celebrate it in style (lucky). I’m also lucky Ms Organised and I have got some pretty sweet outfits (including green tights!) and BFAHB is coming into town. It’s supposed to be 21c so fingers crossed.


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The weather, so much rain! Which meant I spent the day at the library.

The sheer amount of reading I have to do for ONE Social Work lecture.


too much reading.

Having a sinus infection and waking up all gross and blocked up.

Buttons falling off new coats. Sad panda.

The shark finning piece on 60 minutes. Come on NZ!


Nigella Lawsons Roast Chicken Pasta, which Mr Apple and I had for dinner tonight.

ThisĀ and this. I love waffles sooo much when I showed Mr Apple he actually laughed out loud.

Getting Save the Date bookmarks started (I think they’ll look awesome)

Hot chocolates made for me by Ms. Organised, who also went out to brunch with me on Saturday where I had this…


Chicken and Leek pie

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So true

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