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A taste of South America

Honestly who knew that editing and watermarking photos could take so long?! I have chosen 8 of my favourite photos to share here and I hope you enjoy them. When I travel I try not to take too many photos because I think that means that you miss out on the experience of being where you are so this explains why I have only chosen these few photos.

Punta Arenas, Chile

I took this in the local market that occurs in the town square. I loved all the colours of the necklaces and thought it would make an interesting photo.

Glacier Alley, Beagle Channel, Chile

One of the most remote places I have ever been, each glacier is named after a country in Europe. Above is ‘Italy’. Sadly due to global warming the glacier has receded quite dramatically.

Ushuaia, Argentina

Considered the southernmost city in the world (bummer for Dunedin) and pronounced Uswaia, it is the capital of Tierra Del Fuego. The town is absolutely tiny (and has the world only Irish pub that doesn’t serveĀ Guinness?!) so we went on a hike through one of the national parks. The broken trees in the picture are a result of a large beaver population, the sort of triangle pile to the right is actually a beaver house. Who knew there were beavers in Argentina?

Falkland Islands/Malvinas

One of the most surreal places I have ever visited. An archipelago in the South Atlantic east of South America it is extremely British which is a bit of a shock after being in a few Spanish speaking places. Prince William is there at the moment, sadly I didn’t see him (not really that sad) but I did get to see a colony of Gentoo penguins and this little guy came extremely close allowing me to take some awesome photos.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

While in Buenos Aires we were lucky enough to visit Caminito in the La Boca District. The streets are full of brightly coloured buildings and tango dancers as well as loads of musicians (the man above is playing the Bandoneon which is similar to the accoridion and apparently takes years to master.

Montevideo, Uruguay

We visited a farm in Uruguay where I fell in love with the horses. The native horse in Uruguay is the Criollo which is a descendant of the Andalusian. They are endurance horses (coming second to the Arab) and have a fantastic temperament. If I could I would have taken this chestnut home with me.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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