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Movie night Monday

Mr Apple and I are proud owners of Rialto student cards, which entitles us to $10 movies all week. Awesome. I’ve been excited about ‘The Hunger Games’ release since December (when I demolished all 3 books one after the other – great Christmas present mama bear) and Mr Apple has been looking forward to it since February after he read the book, I had been telling him that I thought he would enjoy it and I think he was presently surprised. So last night being our anniversary (cute) we decided to go on a wee date to watch ‘The Hunger Games’. I was pleasantly surprised. I have learnt to go into movie adaptations with low expectations because so often I am disappointed (My Sisters Keeper?!) so it was nice to be proven wrong for one.

I truly think the movie did the book justice, and although there were some parts of the book missing, for the whole it was really good. If you haven’t read the book I strongly admit you read it. Unlike the ‘Twilight’ series you probably won’t be ashamed to say you read it (Twilight is my guilty-not so secret-pleasure) and I enjoyed it because it dealt with some pretty interesting issues. I don’t want to give away too much obviously but I am definitely a fan of Ms Suzanne Collins (though she’s no J.K.Rowling)


Hunger Games

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On another note…

…I am totally guilty of this. Sometimes when I’m reading my Kindle I sniff it and then get sad because it doesn’t smell as nice as a book. Weird I know.




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It’s Thursday! I’ve had a long day at the library (which to me is shocking considering I am only in my 3rd week of uni and have no assignments for another 5 weeks) and I have been saving some things to share that have made me giggle.

The truth about reading

The truth about reading

This happens to me after most of the books I read, sometimes I even find myself reading super slowly to put off finishing a book.

Yeah so do I.

And finally a very sad, sad place…

so very sad

On the plus side it’s St Paddys day this Saturday, Mr Apple is going home to Melbourne to celebrate it in style (lucky). I’m also lucky Ms Organised and I have got some pretty sweet outfits (including green tights!) and BFAHB is coming into town. It’s supposed to be 21c so fingers crossed.

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Book review Tuesday.

I like Tuesdays, they are the day when movies at the cinemas are cheap and also the day I don’t do any washing (well today I didn’t do washing). TV is good too, Donna Hay is on, followed by Nigella Lawson and then Downton Abbey. I know I sound like a 60 year old woman who lives alone and doesn’t do anything. I do. I promise. Today I took advantage of cheap movie tickets and went to Rialto with a coworker to watch a movie, I met an old school mate from Zimbabwe for dinner and then I came home and had a Skype date with BFAHB. Popular much?

But I digress. Tuesdays, I have decided, will become the day I review books I’ve just read. Today it’s ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls, which I confess I read because I saw a trailer for the movie version which looked quite promising and I think that the book is always better than the movie so I thought it would be a good read. It kind of was and while I enjoyed it, the last few chapters left me really sad. So sad that I couldn’t start ploughing my way through the laundry basket of books BFAHB left me. I’ve had to read the last Harry Potter book to make me happy again probably because it’s a book I love and am familiar with and I know it will make me feel better.

One Day

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Apart from the sad aspect of the book, I did enjoy it. I liked the conitnuity of it and the way the characters developed. They felt like real people who are faced with real problems, and some of them were problems we can relate to e.g. graduating from uni and feeling at loss as what to do with your life. I think maybe that is what upset me about this book was that it was too real, what happened to the characters in the book could happen to us, and I don’t always like to be reminded that I am human as silly as that sounds. We read, sometimes purely for escapism not reality.

Either way I’m glad I get to reread Harry Potter (though I do have to block the images from the movies when I read it).

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She’s back!

After being unable to write for about 2 years now after she was hit with severe depression, Marian Keyes is back and her book ‘Mercy Falls’ which will be released in 2012 centres around Helen Walsh  As a Keyes fan (I have all her books) I’m very excited about this. I have missed her books and have nothing but admiration for her for overcoming her depression and for speaking so candidly about it. I think there is still a certain amount of stigma that surrounds issues like depression, and for many, it can be encouraging to see that it is not something to be ashamed of and that it can be overcome.

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Sad panda

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Best friend AND head bridesmaid (BFAHB) has left! Today was a sad day for me, Wednesdays (the day we had lunch together and judged the masses) will no longer be the same now… but…it means I have somewhere to stay in the beautiful Queenstown and an excuse to go visit there. Anyway before she left she lent me a pair of red shoes  (I had a bit of a wizard of Oz moment while typing this) and a whole laundry basket of books. See why I love her?

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…like racial tolerance and how to count and heaps of other things. The main story books I remember are the ones about  Jack and Jill and also ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ which taught me that eating lettuce is good for you . reddit.com  is a pretty awesome site that Mr Apple got me addicted to and where I found this gem, not to sure if this is a lesson that most parents want their children to be taught but it made me laugh.

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