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Mugabe sick

While the majority of facebook updates this week have been about Easter eggs, my news feed has been dominated by this. Mugabe (president of my home country) is apparently very sick and may die. For those of us who are Zimbabwean this is big news, Mugabe has brought so much pain and suffering to the country and for many his death would be a relief, maybe even a joy. I’m not going to celebrate if he dies because the man who would take over rivals Mugabe for his evilness. Also I do not think we should celebrate the death someone who is evil. What does it solve? Nothing.


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KONY 2012

Africa, and the issues that surround it will always be, I think, a topic of wide debate. The Kony video has helped many people sit up and take note of the problems that the people of Africa face. However I think (and I speak as someone from Africa) too often Africa and its people are portrayed as helpless and the rest of the world tries to be a hero. While it’s not a bad thing, I also think it is important that we listen to many perspectives and especially those who are right there. I believe that this is an important point to remember when we are going to any country that is less fortunate than us in terms of political and economic status. This lady is sharing her own view of the issue and her voice should also be heard.

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Africa <3


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A mix of emotions!

I am a girl, which means that I am constantly changing my mood, kind of like how the weather constantly changes in NZ.

Today I am

  • Grumpy- my job makes me grumpy, when I first started in customer services I was lovely. I smiled a lot and asked people how their day was and genuinely meant it. Now I am cynical, I get annoyed at people who are rude to me and I lose my patience quickly. Seriously I think tourism and the customer services industry has stolen my soul. It makes me feel like this:
via reddit.com

via reddit.com

It’s one of the reasons I decided had to get out of the industry and go back to uni. I didn’t like that I was starting to dislike humanity. I don’t want to be that cantankerous old lady who throws things at small children. Seriously though people (myself included) really need  to work on how they treat people in customer services.

  • Sad- I don’t know why I’m sad. I am presuming it’s because I am female. Also I miss my mum and BFAHB. Oh and I miscalculated my earnings and savings by like $137 that is a bummer and means people aren’t going to get sweet smelling presents from Lush for Christmas.
  •  Grateful – I realise that this has been a bit of a depressing post but today I am grateful. I voted today.  In an election where my vote counts. In an election that won’t be rigged. In an election where I felt safe voting for who I wanted and had no fear that myself or my family would be harmed. In Zimbabwe, and indeed many places, this is not the case. I remember my art teacher in high school telling me that she went to vote and was turned away from the voting station for not being born in Zimbabwe and that she had ‘alien’ stamped on her passport. I remember that election being one where we all so strongly hoped that our voices would be heard and that Mugabe would have to step down, but in our hearts knowing that this wasn’t going to happen and that Mugabe would win through whatever means necessary be it violence, bribery or just plain rigging. New Zealanders are lucky, for all that we complain about, most of us in the first world are lucky. A while ago BFAHB found a poster that I think sums it up well:

via icanread.tumblr.com

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It is still raining…

…which gives me an excuse to not really do anything except play on google and find that the animal sanctuary Bally Vaughan  where I volunteered when I lived in Zimbabwe has a website. Bally Vaughan is a really awesome animal sanctuary for orphaned, abandoned or displaced animals and the website is definitely well worth a visit.

When I worked there one of my main jobs was to take care of a serval cat named Charlie. Charlie had been abandoned by a woman who had attempted to keep her as a pet and had failed dismally which is one of the reasons why  people keeping wild animals as pets makes me really angry. Charlies owner hadn’t realised that servals need a very rich calcium diet and as a result Charlie developed arthritis. Luckily though there was a place like Bally Vaughan that could take her in and care for her. She had her own enclosure and she loved it when people came to sit with her and just talk to her. Serval cats are probably my favourite of the African cats, they have a really cool body structure with their back legs being longer then their front legs and a set of long ears which helps them to hear better.

Taking care of Charlie was one of my favourite jobs at Bally Vaughan because she was such good company and I was severely allergic to lions (who knew!) so working with them would just send me into a red eyed ball of sneezing mess.

Random facts about Servals:

They are able to jump up to three metres into the air to catch birds in flight.

They like water and are good swimmers…I once had to dig a little swimming pool for 2 of them.

People often mistake them for cheetahs…which I don’t understand but I don’t know anything about cars and mistake holdens for fords which car people probably don’t understand.

They hiss heaps, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are annoyed it can actually also just mean they’re saying hello to you.

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