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Lies all lies

Close to 2 months of inactivity. Whoops. I have been distracted by wedding planning, family and uni – countdown to graduation begins. Wedding planning has gone so well, that there is very little to do now except get bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen sorted out. Yep I am that crazy organised (my mother likes to call it anal retentive).

I have my dress which I will be picking up sometime this week and I have to say as a whole I did not enjoy the whole wedding dress experience. I was contacted about 2 weeks ago to be told that my dress had arrived, I should have been excited, but with uni work piling up and assignments due – and the wedding 6 months away, I was just like “meh”. When I went to my second fitting, I was told that I would cry. Seriously? Over a garment? Now I cry when I watch a particularly moving elimination episode of Masterchef, but I blame that on the music and the cheesy lines. I was sceptical that I would cry when I tried on my wedding dress for the second time. I didn’t. The women at the bridal shop seemed confused by me, they ran to get a box of tissues and waved it around. Nada. Instead I just wanted to try on my shoes to see if they were too high for my dress length.

For me I think the tears will come on the day of the wedding, when I am in my dress with all my bridesmaids and my mum, and when I am walking down the aisle to Mr Apple, but not when I try on the dress because that is such a small part of the whole wedding and what it is actually about, and when I do cry I am sure there will be photos.

On a ligher note, I am obsessed with salted caramel at the moment, I think I will try make salted caramel cupcakes this weekend.

Blog to follow x


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