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Wedding things

I have finally got all my save the date cards sent out! It makes my wedding so much more real. I’ve also booked and confirmed my florist, hair and makeup people, celebrant and a very lovely wedding ┬áplanner (who also happens to be the wife of our photographer) who is going to help decorate our reception venue.

Save the Date Cards

Now to get back to uni life and study for a test next week. The wedding planning is (sometimes) a nice break.


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Fashion baby

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to attend iD Fashion Week here in Dunedin. I went to the emerging designers awards with Ms Organised and the main fashion show with Mr Apple. Some of the stuff was incredible and very very expensive ($2000 for a leather jacket anyone?). One of the the pieces that caught my eye was a sweater by Ruby. Remember my favourite dinosaur post? Guess what?

Ruby triceratops sweater

I want.

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Mugabe sick

While the majority of facebook updates this week have been about Easter eggs, my news feed has been dominated by this. Mugabe (president of my home country) is apparently very sick and may die. For those of us who are Zimbabwean this is big news, Mugabe has brought so much pain and suffering to the country and for many his death would be a relief, maybe even a joy. I’m not going to celebrate if he dies because the man who would take over rivals Mugabe for his evilness. Also I do not think we should celebrate the death someone who is evil. What does it solve? Nothing.

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