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Leap Year

I always look forward to leap years because of the Olympics, in fact when I was in primary school I answered a test question “When do leap years occur?” and instead of writing every four years, I wrote the year that the Olympics take place. I still think I was kind of right. I kind of wish I could be in London for the Olympics and after being in Rio I think they have a long way to go before they are ready.

My favourite sport is the equestrian and the gymnastics (seriously how do they do some of those moves), so when this video was released it got me quite excited. We have a strong contingent of Kiwi riders so I am hoping that we can get a medal (hopefully a gold)


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This is my favourite dinosaur…


…just thought you should know.

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It’s been a long a time

I’m sorry I have been absent for some time I have just returned from 3 weeks in Australia and 2 weeks in South America and am still coming back down to reality. I am in love with South America, especially Buenos Aires. Eventually I will put up some photos but for now I thought you might appreciate these.

I love Roald Dahl and would be so excited to get one of these on a letter.

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