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Christmas memories

This video, which I’m sure most of you have already seen, is hilarious. I am not a parent which is why I can say this. I’m sure when I am a parent I will probably think it is cruel (to be honest I kind of feel that way now and think in 15 years Jimmy Kimmel may get some pay back from these children). However it did remind me of the Christmas where all I got was pyjamas. Seriously, pyjamas from everyone. I got like 10 pairs. I was pretty happy with the first two pairs, but then as I unwrapped each present a small part of my Christmas spirit died. I was about 12/13 at the time and at the height of my horse craze and as I was in the UK I was expecting awesome horse related gifts like brush boots, or jodhpurs, new stirrup irons (those were actually on my list…what a weirdo). The massive influx of pyjamas left me very upset (what an ungrateful brat). When I told this story to Mr Apple he laughed for like 5 minutes straight and I have to admit it is kind of funny.

I’m flying home on Wednesday for Christmas and quite frankly, I would be stoked if all I got was pyjamas.


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No Words Wednesday

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Tuneful Tuesday

I’m going with an alliteration theme this week because playing with words is fun. So is listening to music! Music is good for you, I know this because I am a geek and I like quotes, and as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said,  “Music is the universal language of mankind”. Very true. Anyway today I am going to share a beautiful song which BFAHB introduced me to and which I am going to incorporate into my wedding. Lana Del Ray is awesome and I’m pretty excited because her album is being released very soon.



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Mindless Monday

Monday makes me think of that Bangles song you know the one….

It was also released the year I was born (an excellent year in my opinion), the 80’s were awesome! I am beginning to miss uni and learning new things (read using my brain) so today I looked up ‘this day in history’ and found some interesting (and probably useless facts)…

12 December 1913 – The Mona Lisa was recovered in Florence after being stolen two years earlier

12 December 1949 – Bill Nighy was born…this makes me want to watch Love Actually

12 December 1963 – Kenya gained independence from United Kingdom.

Most of what I found was far too depressing to post, since it related to WWII and I don’t really think that would help us get into the holiday spirit. So now I am going to go make a cup of tea eat a mince pie and watch a Christmas movie (Love Actually).



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I’m pinning!

I’ve been looking at pinterest for some time now, but have been unable to join as you have to be invited. Thank goodness that one of my friends was already a member and kindly sent me an invite yesterday. I have spent the majority of today oohing and aahing at a lot of stuff but this idea really caught my eye.  Although my wedding is ages away, I am constantly thinking about creative ways to do things instead of the more traditional way. This idea of a guest fingerprint tree is exactly what I’m after and they even provide the template. Yay for the internet and for people sharing their lovely ideas. Also yay for Harvey Norman having a photo special on today only 9c a print!

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Christmas is looming!

And this year I’m looking forward to it, this is likely because I no longer work in retail and don’t have to listen to ‘grandma got run over by a reindeer’ 500 times a day. Today I conquered some of my christmas shopping and got it all wrapped up as well. I love wrapping gifts, I get really excited about seeing the persons face when they unwrap them because I expect people to get excited as I do

stolen from google images who stole it from Allie. Sharing is caring.

In my family Christmas is a big thing, huge in fact. We still do stockings and when we had pets we got gifts from them too. My Mum buys a Christmas album every year and tries to sing-a-long to it while we decorate the tree, but we tell her to stop because she doesn’t sound that great and in my family you show love by not being very nice to each other (which leads to some pretty funny experiences when you bring a guest to my house).

Anyway some great gift ideas this year could be:

1. Anything from Lush, which is such a fantastic little store full of handmade soaps, perfumes, shampoos etc. I like that they have shower bombs, because those of us who don’t have baths sometimes feel a bit left out.

via Lush

2. A necklace from Mecino which as a great selection of jewellery. I found this lovely lady while I was in Melbourne and try and go to any of the markets she’s at when I’m in town but she does do online orders and her stuff is definitely worth paying for the post and packaging. The cute harmonica necklace is actually something I bought for BFAHB last Christmas and is an actual mini harmonica that makes a wee noise.

via Mecino.com.au

3. A goat or safe drinking water from Oxfam Unwrapped . This is a great site, because someone else, who lets face it probably needs it, benefits from the gift. The person who’s name you donate in also receives a little Christmas card telling them what you got and how it will benefit a village/family/child. Gifts range from just $5 to $500.




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